Biotape® is a highly conductive silver tape that can relieve pain by connecting the broken electrical circuits in the body that we believe is the underlying cause of pain. We invite you to explore our website to learn more!



For over 10 years Biotape® has helped thousands of people all over the world find relief from PAIN, and it can help you, too! Whether you have headache pain, neck pain, or shoulder pain; elbow pain, wrist pain, or hand pain; back pain, knee pain, ankle pain, foot pain, arthritis pain, or general pain.


Biotape® can help!


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  1. Please send me information on bio tape and prices and do you post it to new zealand

  2. I sent you an email. Thank you for your interest in Biotape!

  3. Information on tape for lower back pain please

    1. Christa,
      Look for an email to answer your question.

  4. Can you email me a price list and products to order? Thank you

  5. Hi –

    am trying to order Biotape but can’t reach you anywhere … please email so I can order!

    Thank you very much.

    1. I sent you an email

  6. Hello!

    I am wondering if the wrist or fingerless glove supports also include sliver in the material? I read in the product description they are woven with copper, but was wondering if there are any with silver. :) Thank you in advance!

    1. The gloves and supports have copper woven into the material. They are conductive just not as conductive as the biotape.

  7. Do you have stockists in NZ or if not how much to ship and approx duration?

    1. We only have one location right now. I see that you put in an order, I will get that in the mail today. It usually takes about 3 weeks to get to NZ, we can’t track packages after they get to other countries. Some countries are better at getting packages through customs than others.

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