Biotape Instructions

Biotape® is a fabric chemically bonded with 100% silver. We use a gentle adhesive that also contains silver. Biotape is comfortable and should stay on several days even while showering or bathing when scrubbing is avoided. Some skin types are oily and can cause the adhesive to wear out more quickly.


Occasionally, as with all adhesives, some people may have an allergic reaction to the adhesive. In this case, or when the adhesive wears out, the Biotape can be used (or reused) by taping the non-adhesive side to the skin with any other adhesive tape. (Waterproof Pink Hy-Tape® and surgical tape are both available through our website.) The Biotape is conductive on both sides and the non-adhesive side will remain conductive for the life of the tape.


Before removing the paper backing and applying the Biotape, the area should be free of hair (shaved if necessary) and cleaned to remove dry skin and oils.


A GENERAL RULE for using Biotape is to apply a single strip across any area of pain and another strip crossing at right angles over the points of greatest pain. IMPORTANT NOTE: If applying Biotape to a flexible part of the body, bend the area before and while applying the tape.


Some specific instructions follow:


For the shoulder, apply a single strip across the most painful point along the shoulder and down the arm about 4 inches. Other strips can then be applied at right angles over the shoulder.


For the lower back, apply a 10-12 inch strip vertically down the back on the side of the spine that hurts the most and then press along the tape to find the most tender point. Place another strip horizontally over that point. REMEMBER to have the person bend over before and while applying the tape.



For the foot, apply a strip along the area of pain either on top or bottom of the foot. Then apply another strip going around the foot crossing the most sensitive point. It is IMPORTANT that the application of this strip be completed over the top of the foot while the person is putting full weight on the foot. This will prevent the tape from pulling off when standing.


For the knee, apply 2 strips of Biotape, both starting at a point just above the knee cap and down along each side of the knee. Then apply another strip horizontally just below the knee cap crossing the other 2 strips to form a capital “A.” Again, REMEMBER to bend the knee while applying the tape.


Biotape® can be applied to elbows, fingers, toes, flat areas, meridians, or even scar tissue — any area experiencing pain, including arthritis pain and neuropathy pain. We also sell a variety of conductive supports that cover areas of pain and offer long term use.

20 thoughts on “Biotape Instructions

  1. I have pain in the muscles of both legs. It is constant. I presently take morphine daily to treat the pain. It does mask it between dosages. The most severe pain is in my hamstrings, chins ( which also at time feet very cold) and calves.
    The drug treatment followed my bout with lymphoma cancer (I am not cancer free) and kemo and radiation treatment. Prior to the cancer I did not suffer with this severe, constant pain. After cancer treatment I was also diagnosed with neuropathy in the balls of my feet, they are annoying but not painful at all.
    If I order the tape , how would I apply it to these body areas for the best resulds?

    1. I would place the biotape down the hamstring and down the calf through the center of the pain on the leg that hurts the most. Morphine can work against the effectiveness of the biotape, but biotape may help you get off the moprphine, by using the biotape to manage the pain instead of morphine.

  2. Can I use biotape on my back ?
    I have bone Spurs in my lower back, the nerve get pinched I have pain in my left food most of the pain is in my left heel.

    1. Yes, Biotape works very well for back pain. You could also try putting some tape on your left heel as well.

  3. Is the tape reusable? How long is it good for?

  4. I have had chronic TMJ pain for over 7 years, I have tried everything but still end up having to take massive amounts of advil everyday. Do you think biotape will help TMJ?

    1. Biotape has helped hundreds of patients with TMJ. In a couple of day’s I will be visiting Darrell Stoddard (The inventor of biotape) He is going to show me how to apply the tape for TMJ, I will send you a picture as soon as I can.

    2. hi megan, i’m wondering if you received guidance on how/where to apply
      biotape for your TMJ woes – i sure could use a picture but cannot seem to
      get a response to my post (and repost) about this. any suggestions?
      thanks much.

      1. I’m so sorry, I got a picture and then have had issues with my computer and haven’t been able to answer. I will try to get a picture sent to you later today.

        1. Would like to also see the pics of how to apply biotape for TMJ…TY

          1. I have sent you an email with a picture

      2. Check your email, I emailed you some pictures

  5. I have neck pain from vertebral displacement at C4/5. Do I apply the tape right down the spine itself and then crosswise right at the point of greatest pain? The affected area is just the distance of 2 vertebrae; does the tape need to extend beyond the particular area of pain?

    1. Yes you do apply the tape down the spine and then crosswise where the pain is the worst. It is best to extend the tape at least a couple of inches past the area of pain.

  6. She has lived this way for a little over a year now and takes pain medication up to three times every day. As I was reading your book, I came across Biotape as I am learning what chronic pain is. I am wondering if this would help my daughter.

  7. Can you explain how to apply biotape for TMJ pain? Thanks so much

  8. Hello, I get chronic migraines. MRI and angiogram are clean. If I understand correctly, this tape may help and can be applied to forehead, temples, neck and upper back?

    1. That is correct, we have had lots of people get relief from their headaches and migraines using the biotape and our headache bands.

  9. Hi,
    I have a scar on my scalp from accident years ago… Do I have to shave my scalp to use this? I am hoping your answer is no as I have very long hair, that I do not want to shave…..Is there a way around this?
    Thank you

    1. I sent you an email

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