Q: How long do I leave Biotape® on after I apply it?

A: Biotape should be left on until the desired results are achieved. Once the pain is gone, it should be removed. If the pain is chronic, you may need to reapply it. Both sides of Biotape are conductive. If the adhesive is worn out, you can tape the non-adhesive side to the skin with any other adhesive tape. (We have a waterproof tape and a surgical tape available through our website.)


Q: What is the main reason Biotape® may not work for me?

A: Dehydration. Biotape conducts the body’s electricity which will not travel through dry tissue. As many as 70-80% of all adults are dehydrated. It is the number one cause of non-injury pain. It is vital for almost anyone in pain to drink more water along with using Biotape. In addition, the water should contain adequate minerals for the body to absorb it into the cells.


Q: Does my taking diuretics affect how Biotape® will work?

A: Diuretics can cause dehydration and thus limit the effectiveness of Biotape.


Q: Will drinking caffeine affect how well Biotape® works?

A: Caffeine is a diuretic. People who drink it actually lose more fluid than they take in.


Q: What if I have an adverse skin reaction to the Biotape®?

A: As with any kind of tape, some people may find themselves allergic to the adhesive on Biotape, or to Biotape itself. Some itching under the tape is normal. However, if the user develops a rash or blisters, the tape should be removed. It may be that the adhesive is causing the problem. If so, tape the non-adhesive side to the skin with other skin-friendly adhesive tape. Even if it has only been possible to use Biotape for one day, some relief is to be expected.


Q: What is the difference between using Biotape® and using the other conductive products, such as supports, socks, and gloves?

A: Any material that conducts electricity will be useful in connecting the broken currents that cause pain. Silver is the best conductive element; therefore, it provides the strongest conduction. Biotape is also made with 100% silver bonded to a light weight fabric. Our gloves and socks also use silver, but contain only 15 to 20% silver. Most of our supports contain 11% copper complex. (Copper is another highly conductive element.) These other products are extremely useful in covering areas of pain or for prolonged use. Additional Note: A number of people have said they need to have Biotape cover their entire body. The cost of doing this or having garments coated with silver would be prohibitive. However, there is a viable alternative: It is an indisputable biological fact that there are acupuncture points for every part of the body in the ear and there are acupuncture meridians that connect every cell in the body. Bad health or pain comes when the endogenous electrical connections (what the Chinese call “Chi”) between cells are suppressed or broken. There are also acupuncture points for every part of the body in the hands and feet. When the electrical resistance between the hand or foot and the temple (the brain) is measured while wearing a silver glove or sock, there is a good electrical connection. When it is measured without the glove or sock, the resistance is much higher. This indicates that the silver gloves and/or socks could help connect every part and every function of the body leading to better health. One does not need to have Biotape cover their entire body. Silver gloves and silver socks could be the best thing one could use if critically ill

8 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. hi just found stoddard and this product from the book natural cures, want to order for my husband
    who has extremely sore, burning feet ( but not diabetic) should he tape his feet all over or wear the socks or both? would this include his ankles as well or just the feet? once its on how long does he leave it on? and is the tape reuseable?

    1. I would probably try the socks first and then if that doesn’t resolve the problem then try the tape.

  2. Hi, what’s the smallest size in the elbow support? How big is size M? I am a size 8 in Australian women’s clothing, wondering if size M will be too big for me.


    1. I’m sorry that we don’t have the measurements on the page for the elbow supports. We will get that fixed. Medium elbow supports fit 8″-11″ around, Large fits 10″-13″, and X-Large fits 12″-16″. You want to measure around your arm about 3 inches above the bend of your elbow, that will help you get the size that will work the best.

  3. Hello, I’m interested in purchasing some of your products. Would you ship them internationally? I currently live in Japan.

    1. Yes we do ship internationally

  4. Hi !! Question:

    I have shoulder pain – and upper back and right arm – more so in right shoulder and right arm – have biotape on – going to physical therapist later in week. When I’m there for work on shoulders and back – can I leave the tape on or take it off ?

    1. It is up to you. The physical Therapist will probably tell you to take it off. If it’s helping you, you just need to be assertive and say that you want to keep it on and they will just have to deal with that.

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