Miracle of Biotape

What do people say about Biotape? The following are just a few of the many responses we have received from those who experienced the Miracle of Biotape.


“I am trying Biotape for the first time and love it!!” “… normally I have pain and tingling down both legs, mostly the left. Currently with the Biotape on I have no tingling in my legs and the nerve pain is drastically reduced.” “I am just trying to wrap my brain around all this as I’ve been battling it for the last 14 years. Six times in the last week I have gotten out of bed and pain hasn’t been my first thought. After this long it feels like a miracle!!! Thank you so much!!!!”     ~~  Kim


“My carpel tunnel in both hands (which is severe) leaves me for about 3-4 months after wearing the Biotape for about 3 weeks. This is fabulous!! When my symptoms begin to appear, I reapply the Biotape and have great confidence that once again my carpel tunnel goes away. This has allowed me to avoid surgery. I know of several people that have had failed carpel tunnel surgeries. Now because of failed surgeries, they have weakness, limp hands, and numbness. If only they had known of Biotape. Once again I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”   ~~  Tamara

“I have spent many years of chronic TMJ pain and I have spent thousands of dollars on dental work to help my problem.” “After you put the Biotape on my neck, I was out of pain by the time we were driving away, it has been a miracle therapy for me. Later I bought the headband and I wear it day and night. I have even tested it by not using it because I was tired of wearing my hear the same way so I could wear the headband. The pain would get worse within hours of not wearing it. I’m so happy to be out of pain, I don’t care about the hair style. Thank you – Thank you again and again and again….”  ~~  Joyce


“Had great success with the Biotape. I used it on my hip. The pain only came back a few times. I used it on my lower back where I have had chronic pain. Used it twice. I’m able to shovel snow and stack wood only for short times, but it is great. I only had about 6 inches left of tape and a pain in my left shin for about a week. I put the biotape on and the next day the pain was gone. I need to order more Biotape… I’m very happy with the results.”   ~~  Jamie


“I have been retired from the medical field for over 10 years with Board Cerification in Preventative Medicine, Diagnosis, and Pain Management. I created seven health care clinics including Chiropractic, Medical, Multidiscipline, and Physical Therapy. Over 100 doctors have worked for me over a period of about 27 years. I am writing to tell you that I believe that your patented Biotape is nothing short of a miracle. When I first received the tape I had just injured my ankle severely and had been unable to walk at all at first and very little even after several weeks of treatment. The day I put your Biotape on the pain decreased at least 80% within about a minute and I was able to walk about one mile the next day. After that it felt and functioned like nothing ever happened. I was overjoyed to say the least…”  “…I have started telling the doctors and they have just started to use this in their practice. From what I understand several patients with permanent impairments of their back have already reported profound relief. You have really created a miracle. Thank You!”  ~~  Dr. Paul E. Jondle

“I tried the Biotape and it worked. I placed the tape over a sore elbow that I’ve had for 6 months, and 10 minutes later when I was working on a patient, I noticed that the pain was gone. I have many patients that I can use the Biotape on.”  ~~  Thaddeus Srutwa, M.D.


“I received the package yesterday, and applied the Biotape to my shoulder. I have had it on for 12 hours and there is a definite difference.”   ~~  Roger


“As I count my blessings this day, I add you to top of the list. My back has been causing me great pain again lately, and as I pulled out my Biotape 2 nights ago, and found relief immediately, I thanked God for sending you into my life. May God bless you, your health, your life and those you love. My association with you has brought me nothing but joy and relief from pain and I am happy to call you friend.”   ~~  Terri


“As part of the treatment, Dr. Willner used Biotape and the results were amazing! When we got home I immediately placed an order for us and for Dr. Willner.” “We’re grateful to you that Biotape exists and for the important work you are doing.”   ~~  Robin


“Years ago I used your Biotape… I fell on a small picket fence and had such pain shooting down my leg I could not walk. I saw some old Biotape and tried it again. As soon as I put it on the pain was gone. I am sold again on your tape.” “I just had to put my dear sweet husband in a care home. He had fallen and set down hard on his tailbone, and could not sit long without a lot of pain. As the Biotape worked so good on me, I put some on him. And the pain stopped as soon as I put it on. That was four days ago and he is still pain free, and can sit all day without pain. It works!”   ~~  Wanita


“Thank you… Love your products!”   ~~  Eric


“We wrapped a Biotape sock around the knee of our dog who tore a ligament this week. We are holding the sock in place with a tension bandage. She is already trying to walk on the leg! We are having to discourage her from walking on it to give time for healing but it seems healing may just be a whole lot faster than the 6-8 weeks we are supposed to keep her confined to bed rest! God bless.”   ~~  Maxine


“…He had numerous surgeries on his knee many years ago and it is filled with pins and plates. He almost had to have it amputated, the injury was so severe. His knee was giving him a lot of problems the other day and it swelled up to about double its normal size and he could barely walk. I brought out your book and the Biotape and we wrapped it and within MINUTES he was able to walk and said the pain and stiffness went from a level 8-9 down to a 2 or less in less than 30 minutes! He took the Biotape off last night because of some skin irritation and this morning – he can barely walk again. So he put the tape back on and now, about 10 minutes later, he is able to tell a huge difference once again! He is a big skeptic on this type of thing but says he is a believer now!”   ~~  Annette


“I just wanted to leave my story here for anyone who is debating whether they should try Biotape or not.” “… being a sufferer of chronic migraines, I placed a strip of Biotape on my forehead while I was having a migraine, and WOW! What a huge impact! My head is NO LONGER POUNDING! Now I just ordered the headband and I’m hoping that will work wonders as well (which I have no doubt it will!!!) THANK YOU BIOTAPE!!!”   ~~  Cee


“I would never have believed 6 months ago, when I first ordered Biotape for my chronic hip pain, that I would be feeling half as good as I feel today.” “… I feel 100% better than I did 6 months ago, on one single 6-foot Biotape order, and I feel that I’m still improving every day.”   ~~  Rodney


“Yes, I have successfully used Biotape to alleviate my back, neck, shoulder, knee, ankle, and other pains including severe headaches.”   ~~  Peter


“The product has worked so well for me that my surgeon has postponed my back surgery and I have regained strength in my left leg. I am a road warrior (salesman) and travel 7 states for my job. I can now drive for hours with NO pain… I am absolutely amazed by the results.”   ~~  Bud


“I just received my Biotape order by mail yesterday. I have a very sore spot between my shoulder blade and my spine that has prevented me from leaning back in a chair or lying on my back…for over a month now. Well, guess what? My husband put the Biotape on me last night and even though we missed the exact point by about an inch, I was still able to lean back and lie on my back last night and this morning. It still hurts, but what a difference. (When we get it right on the point I might feel even better.) We’re going to put it on my very painful frozen shoulder next and see what happens there.”   ~~  Patricia


“I had a full hysterectomy 19 weeks ago today and this is the first time I have been pain free in the major areas that have been hurting ever since!!!”   ~~  Harriet


” Deafferentation, neurogenic pain, is most treatment resistant due to the loss of neurologic signal from the periphery due to conduction loss from neuropathic and tissue ‘volume conduction’ changes. Stoddard’s concept of reconnecting the system by use of a conductive tape is a philosophical and practical “out of the box” end run for pain therapy… The day will come when no surgery will ever be performed without putting a silver product such as Biotape over the incision as a final dressing, to keep the site sterile and to reconnect the neurological signals between cells.  ~~  R.P. Iacono, M.D. FACS Neuroscience/Neurosurgery.


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