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  • Biotape®

Biotape is our conductive silver tape developed by Darrell Stoddard through years of research, and was awarded U.S. Patent #6,014,585.  It is fabric bonded with 100% silver, which provides the best conduction. It also has a silver based adhesive. It is 1 inch wide and comes in various lengths. It can be worn while showering as long as it is not scrubbed off.





  • Conductive Headache Band

Headache Bands are made with 2 layers of the Biotape fabric. To use, wrap the head covering the area of greatest pain. Attach the ends with the provided safety pin. (Velcro can also be used, or the ends can be sewn together.) Many have used it wrapped over the head and under the chin to relieve jaw pain. It can be wrapped around any area of the body that is experiencing pain. The headache band can be hand-washed and air-dried for years of use.


  • Conductive Supports

Our conductive supports help cover areas of pain and offer long term use. We have supports for shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, hand pain, back pain, knee (leg) pain, and ankle pain. The conductive supports contain a copper complex. These braces should be gently washed using no bleach and allowed to air dry.


  • Conductive Gloves

We now have new and improved conductive gloves. These contain a silver complex that offers a high degree of conductivity. They are soft and very comfortable and come in a variety of sizes. (An additional benefit is that these gloves may be worn while using your touch screen devices because they conduct your body’s electricity to the screen. Nice for smart phone use on cold days.)

In addition, we offer fingerless gloves (referred to as hand supports) that offer relief for the hands when finger use is required, such as while typing.

  • Conductive Socks

Our silver conductive socks come in two styles. Short (crew cut length) and long (over the calf length). These are a light weight fabric and come in various sizes.

We also have short ankle socks that have individual toes, referred to as toe socks. These are great for toe pain caused by neuropathy.

  • Pink Hy-Tape®
This Pink Hy-Tape® is a waterproof adhesive tape (laytex free) which is good to put over the ends of the Biotape for swimming or participating in other water activities.


  • Surgical Tape

Surgical tape can be applied over the Biotape to help it to stay on longer OR to use the non-adhesive side of the Biotape after the adhesive has worn out. Put the non-adhesive side directly on to the skin and apply the surgical tape over it.


12 thoughts on “Product Info

  1. I would like to see a price list to order please

    1. At the top of the page there is a shop button, click on that and it will take you to our products and prices

  2. I am interested in trying this product. Can you send me pics of how to apply it for TMJ? Do you have any coupons for this product? I suffer from knee pain, heel pain, migraines, tmj and back pain. (I guess I just need to wrap up like a mummy with this tape.) Thank You!

    1. Cheri,
      I have tried to send you an email with a picture of how to apply the biotape to help with TMJ, I get a message back saying that the email can’t be delivered.

  3. Hello, will this tape help with heel spurs?

    1. I haven’t heard of it helping with heel spurs, I think it would be worth a try. It very likely could help.

  4. I wrote a long story and it…but I want to say Thank you..I am 90 percent, pain-free and off of all pain pills, for the first time in 4 years…I followed the instructions to the T…and stayed on this for 3 weeks.
    This was a truly miraculous healing…..I am still in shock about it, and would like to offer this to people here in Canada….as well as other alternative therapies for pain…..
    Thank you, Mr. Stoddard.

    1. I’m so glad that you are doing better and off pain pills! Thank you for letting me know!

  5. Kevin Trudeau mentioned a drinking water product. Can you give me some info please?

    1. I sent you an email

  6. My wife has a bad wrist pain. Can I buy the tape from you or do I have to get it from Amazon?

    1. We are the only distributor for Biotape. There is a shop button at the top of the page, that will take you to where you can order some biotape. Biotape is not available on Amazon.

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