Terry G.:   Pain so severe in low back that patient couldn’t walk.  Biotape applied.  There was almost immediate “miraculous relief.”  Biotape reapplied three moths later when the pain started to return.  Terry reported four months after this that the pain never come back.   

Elizabeth S.:   Back pain, “unending for years.”  Biotape applied and Elizabeth reported six months later that “It helped a lot.  “The Pain is just starting to come back but not near as bad as before.”   

Mary E.:   Sciatic pain.  Biotape applied and the patient bent over immediately after and said “That’s the first time I have been able to bend over without pain in 10 years!”  Pain a month later still only about 10% of what it was before treatment.  

Lisa R.:   Low back pain with pregnancy.  Biotape applied down both sides of lumbar spine resulting in 95% relief. 

Joleen S.:   Thoracic pain so severe that she couldn’t sleep lying down for six months.   Patient reported three months later that “It was extremely successful.  Doesn’t hurt at all now.”
Fredrick C.:  Peripheral neuropathy or severe burning in the soles of feet. Significant relief came with application of Biotape that stayed on for only three or four days.  Still 50% better a month later with no more tape.

Mary Jo S.:   Post polio syndrome.  Severely disabled.  Biotape applied over swollen knee, “It helped tremendously.  I was able to walk through the grocery store for the first time in years and was not crippled after doing it!”  

Ben C.:   Osgood-Schlatter’s Disease.  Biotape applied around knee.  “Pain gone” immediately.  Has not returned in more than a year.   

Anne C.:   Heel and Achilles tendon pain for six months.  Biotape applied and pain still completely gone one year later

Colleen M.:   Rheumatoid arthritis pain in hands.  Three strips Biotape applied down arm to hand.  Received 90% relief within minutes.  

Paul S.:   Low back pain so severe patient couldn’t stand up.  Applied Biotape. and the relief was immediate.  Pain completely gone for more than a year.